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The Lyndon Anderson Band are one of the most exciting blues bands in the UK at present. Harmonica player Lyndon is one of the best in the business and he also possesses a great big soul voice"

Chris Simmonds - Blues in Britain

Gumbo Groove is probably the best way to describe the unique sound of The Lyndon Anderson Band who masterfully mix up a musical hot sauce of funk influenced soulful blues that takes the listener on an auricular adventure of swampadelic grooves.

Whether he's blasting out lightning fast chromatic runs or digging deep down into a bent note, there's no mistaking Lyndon is a true heavyweight of the harp. He blends elements of jazz, blues and funk whilst keeping that all important juke joint raunch .

Considered by many to be one of the top players on the scene today, his emotional and intense playing is unmistakably one of a kind.

Dynamite harp, soulful, muscular vocals, boogaloo guitar work. All that needs to be said is that Lyndon is without doubt the real thing.

Having performed at the some of the most prestigious music festivals, including Edinburgh Jazz Festival, the Great British R&B Festival, and Stanley Blues Festival, performing to an audience of over 15,000, they have shared the stage with such luminaries as Jack Bruce, Eric Bell, Paul Jones, Sugar Blue, Eugene Hideaway Bridges and Paul Lamb

One of the best harp CDs I have heard in the past couple of years -Adam Gussow

Their authoritive, individual and distinctive style is showcased on 2 CD releases both of which have received national and international airplay and resounding acclaim.

Everything about this record radiates cool - Jamie Hailstone

Their tough high energy sound is a blend of L.A. ’s soulful muscular vocals, innovative and exciting world class harmonica, boogaloo guitar, killer bass lines and razor tight grooves all packed with so much energy that they leave you out of breath yet still wanting more.

It’s the kind of music which leaves you staggering home at 3 in the Morning with aching limbs and a great big smile on your face- Blues Matters

“This is the kind of music that truly keeps the blues alive” - Adam Gussow, Modern Blues Harmonica